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Robyn McMaster

Lisa, I have so much more to share that I decided to write a blog. Do be patient till I post it since my sense is that you need even more to do well as you seek to retain the Spanish you are learning. I'd love to provide you even more, but Twitter limits me to 140 words and for this you need even more depth.

I see Twitter as a preface or even a prelude depending on your medium, but it doesn't provide quite enough room to flesh out the bare bones so to speak.

Thanks for highlighting our conversation and the beginning of strategy.

lisa haneberg

Robyn - thanks and I look forward to the main course (the post). Yes, sometimes the 140 characters is a limiting factor. On the other hand, you got me going in the right direction!

Michael Kroth

So Lisa....I am just starting to Twitter. If you had to pick the top five people (or otherwise) you follow - who really make you think - who are they?



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